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Sunday Service
The Platform 10.0 - Cultural Innovation
Titled "Cultural Innovation", Platform 10.0 will be held at two venues simultaneous and transmitted live worldwide. Twelve distinguished speakers both Nigerian and International give insights into Cultural Innovation from different perspectives.
Yaba Services
Sunday & Midweek Services
Island Services
Sunday & Mid-week Services
The Platform 10.1 - Harbour Point
Theme: Re-mapping Nigeria
The Platform 10.2 - The Haven
Theme: The New Rules of Labour
West African Faith Believers' Convention 2013
The Platform 11.0
Theme: The State of the Nation - Challenges and Opportunities
Speakers: Pastor Poju Oyemade, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Dr. Obiageli ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili, Simon Kolawole, Jared Cohen, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo
Faith Seminar with Rev. Mark Hankins
Ministering: Rev Mark & Trina Hankins
West African Faith Believers' Convention 2014
Platform Tech
A business, technology and cultural innovative seminar. It is an arm of The Platform Nigeria that deals with making available knowledge about using technology to nd solutions to the specic needs of the Nation.
Easter Faith Conference 2014
Pastor Poju Oyemade ministers on Faith.
The Platform Enterprise
Enterprise development plays a critical role in nation building, nation advancement and a nation's innovativeness. Development cannot happen without it, growth cannot happen without it and poverty cannot be reduced. It is what produces the middle class in any society which is the stabilising force and its engine of growth.
The Covenant Place
Covenant Christian Centre New Centre
The Platform 9.0 - Enterprise & Governance
Platform 9.0 - Enterprise & Governance is a media powered event with eight distinguished speakers.
The Platform 8.0 - Thinking Outside the Box
Platform is a catalyst for change in our society as individuals learn the process and power of Thinking Outside the Box. Eight distinguished speakers give light on the theme.
Imparting Faith for the Next Generation
Quantum Leap

The most productive work on earth is the process through which you eliminate unbelief in your soul and by that making all things possible to and for you. This is the process of transformation, the most important but hidden skill from man. When understood your transformation becomes mind baffling…Pst. Poju oyemade

Easter Faith Seminar 2015

Valid, Proven Expression of Faith

The Platform Abuja - Business and Governance

On May 1, 2015 by 9:00am, The Platform Nigeria will take place in Abuja at The NAF Conference Centre. This is a special event, you don't want to miss it. Downloads will be available here immediately after the conference.

The Covenant Chapel
The Platform Nigeria - What Next

"The Platform Nigeria - What Next?", on the 1st of October, 2015, at the Covenant Place, Iganmu Lagos, Nigeria.

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2016 West African Believers' Conference

Mystery Of Fruitfulness

The Mystery Of Fruitfulness In A Season Of Famine

Bible Institute

West African Believers' Conference 2017

The Platform Nigeria - The Nigerian Economy
Internation Conference for Pastors, Ministers, Leaders, and Workers
Bishop Feb Idahosa
Bishop Francis Wale Oke
Bishop Keith Butler
Dr Creflo Dollar
Dr Samuel Patta
The Platform Nigeria - Get Involved
Married Men's Fellowship
The Teacher Recalibration
Tax & Business Compliance Seminar 2018
50 Acres and a Mule
Lanre Olusola
Quantum Leap Theme Song
Covenant Capital
Free Messages
Business Messages
The Platform - The Drivers, Enablers and Obstacles to our Growth
Lagos Career Fair 2019

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The prefix on every message refers to the date and service.

Prefix Meaning
A 1st Service, Yaba Centre (6:30AM)
B 2nd Service, The Covenant Place, Iganmu (8:00AM)
C 3rd Service, The Covenant Chapel, Lekki (8:45AM)
D 4th Service, The Covenant Place, Iganmu (10:30AM)
M Midweek Service, Yaba Centre (Wed 6:30PM) / Lekki Centre (Thu 6:30PM)

Example: Prefix 20170319 D means 19th of March 2017, 4th Service at The Covenant Place (10:30AM).


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