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Theme Song: The Year of My Quantum Leap

Covenant Christian Centre 2019 Theme Song

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20181014 B Praise And Serve

Pastor Poju Oyemade

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In A Nutshell September 27th 2020

In A Nutshell September 27th 2020

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20200919 BE Career/Balance. Finding Balance, Success and Fulfillment

September 2020 BE Women Conference - Nkiru Olumide-Ojo

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20200927 L 03 Where All The Negativity Comes From

September Sunday Service - Pastor Poju Oyemade


Imparting Faith for the Next Generation

The Platform 8.0 - Thinking Outside the Box

Platform is a catalyst for change in our society as individuals learn the process and power of Thinking Outside the Box. Eight distinguished speakers give light on the theme.

The Platform 9.0 - Enterprise & Governance

Platform 9.0 - Enterprise & Governance is a media powered event with eight distinguished speakers.

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and Fasting

The Covenant Place

Covenant Christian Centre New Centre

The Platform Enterprise

Enterprise development plays a critical role in nation building, nation advancement and a nation's innovativeness. Development cannot happen without it, growth cannot happen without it and poverty cannot be reduced. It is what produces the middle class in any society which is the stabilising force and its engine of growth.

Easter Faith Conference 2014

Pastor Poju Oyemade ministers on Faith.

Platform Tech

A business, technology and cultural innovative seminar. It is an arm of The Platform Nigeria that deals with making available knowledge about using technology to nd solutions to the specic needs of the Nation.